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Calling All Realtors

We know the accounting side of your business is not exactly your favourite. In fact, we know most Realtors hate it.  It is a must-do that you just want done so you can move on with what it is you love. We get it. Real Estate Agent accounting comes with its own set of complications, number one being your time!

The bookkeeping programs that many Realtors are using are labour intensive.  So why do we keep using them? Time to learn a new system is the most common answer that we hear.

Let’s think about that. The only reason you aren’t switching is because you don’t have time to research, time to invest in making the transition, time to learn a new program and time to train your team. What if we looked at this another way – the time you don’t have is being spent on correcting issues that will never completely resolve themselves. What could your team be doing if it didn’t have to manually gather and input your data?

At Curtis-Villar, we know the best software for you.  We have invested the time for you already, we have a team that will implement the transition for you and take the needed time to train your team.   We help to create efficiencies for your team so you can go out and land the next deal.