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Everything to Know About Vehicle Expenses in a PREC

One thing we know to be true about every single realtor is that you drive A LOT!


Audit Proofing: How and Why?

When we talk about audit proofing, we are referring to the ability to attach your invoices...


Calling All Realtors

We know the accounting side of your business isn't your favourite...


Cash is King! Why KPIs matter to Real Estate Agents

Every realtor knows that cash is the lifeline of your business...


Everything to Know About Vehicle Expenses for the Unincorporated Realtor

One thing we know to be true about every single realtor is that you drive A LOT!


Five Phases of a Real Estate Business

Here are five phases to your real estate business. Which one are you in?


Five Things Every Realtor Should Know Before Starting a Business

Manage debt. Find mentors. Find stress relief. Think twice and then a third time before hiring...


Four Steps to Controlled Growth for Realtors

Our four-step guide for growing your business while increasing profitability


How is Rental Income Taxed?

As a realtor, you are exposed to a lot of properties every day.


Personal Real Estate Corporation (PREC)

Realtors across Ontario were over the moon when Bill 145 passed on October 1, 2020...


PREC’s and Properties: What to Know About Holding Investments in Your Corporation

Generally, a PREC cannot carry on the business of trading real estate other than...


Six Limitations of Traditional Accounting Software

We’ve had a lot of conversations with our realtors over the past few years about roadblocks and frustrations...


What Is a Balance Sheet? Do I Really Need It?

As a realtor, you have been trained on the importance of the income statement...


What Is an Income Statement?

The income statement is a powerful tool for assessing how your business is doing...


Where Do I Start?

You woke up today ready to jump to the cloud with your accounting and bookkeeping... now what?

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