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Business Services

At Curtis-Villar, we are dedicated business advisors.

Like other accounting firms, we prepare your financial statements; help you with the filing of tax returns; and other compliance issues. However, that is just the start of our relationship with our clients.

We also help with budgeting and succession planning issues as they affect the owner-managed business. We will help you look at your business from an objective point of view and are here to answer all kinds of questions you may have during the course of the year.

We are committed to providing effective solutions to any business challenge that you may encounter.

Experience comes from the total involvement with companies in all stages of their life cycle - from start-up through the growth phase and finally its sale or planned succession.

We are not just here to provide annual financial statements and ensure you are compliant with the law. While that is an important obligation every Canadian business owner faces we do much more than that.

Our range of services for business owners include:

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