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Tax Season 2020 — How the Coronavirus Impacts You

CRA has NOT Adjusted the Tax Deadline


Over the last week there has been increasing concerns and unease with the impact the Coronavirus will have on businesses, and the interactions Canadians have with one another.

At this time CRA has stated that the tax deadline will not be adjusted for the Coronavirus. Please provide any tax information you have sooner than later.

With that in mind we have put into place the following safety precautions.


If you are sick or have been travelling, please do not come to our offices. We see many individuals, of all ages and health.

If your tax situation and information is comparable to the prior year, please do not book a meeting with us. If you have something specific you would like us to be aware of, please leave a note in your information or book a phone meeting.

If a meeting is required, please note that we are scheduling them so that only 1 meeting is scheduled at a time. This is in the interest of maintaining your health and limiting exposure to anyone who may be a carrier and not showing symptoms.

Options for Providing and Picking up your tax information: 

1) Submit your information through our electronic portal. We can also send information back to you this way, and you can pick-up your paper documents when the unease has settled. If you are not registered for our portal please contact our office and speak with Chantel Robinson or Jessica Andrews.

2) Send someone who is not self-isolating to drop-off or pick-up your tax information.

3) Assuming we are allowed to remain open to the public. Call us from your vehicle. We can settle your account and someone will bring your information out to you.

In both offices we have mail slots in our outside doors. If you do not want to come into the office, you can also submit this way. We will be checking for information regularly.

Please note that we will remain open throughout tax season. We may have to adjust to work remotely, but we will still be preparing and completing all tax returns received.

There are rumors (although we do not know how accurate) that our government is going to put the province on lock down. We would like to have as many tax returns in our possession prior to any announcements, to ensure we can meet CRAs April 30, 2020 deadline.

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